Private Medical Insurance - Buying Guide

In-patient cover

This is cover for when you’re admitted to hospital and stay overnight. This typically includes hospital accommodation charges, specialist fees (consultants, surgeons, anaesthetists etc.) and scans like CT, MRI, X-rays and PET.

Out-patient cover

This covers you for a visit to the hospital, when you do not stay in and are permitted to leave the same day. Commonly this refers to diagnostic tests that would not require you to need a hospital bed. 

Six-week Option

A six-week option means that if your treatment is available on the NHS within six weeks, then you must use the NHS for your treatment. However, if the treatment is not available within six weeks then your health insurance policy will cover you for immediate private treatment.

Hospital List

Every insurer has a list of approved hospitals you can choose from. If you have a hospital preference, it is worth double checking with our advisers that this is covered on your policy. Your hospital list is an option which can effect the price of your premium. If you opt for a reduced list and consider excluding prestigious hospitals, this can help lower your health insurance premium. 


You will have the choice to add an excess to your policy. This usually ranges from £0 to £1,000 and is the amount you will be required to pay either per a claim or for one claim per a year.

No Claims Discount (NCD)

Like with car insurance, your claims history will be taken into account when calculating your premium. If you make a claim on your policy then your no claims discount may be reduced, likewise if you do not claim then your NCD will increase.

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