Can I see a Private GP if I have Private Medical Insurance?

Getting an appointment with a GP is not always as straight forward as we would like. However, some health insurers are now offering cover for private GP services.

Does private medical insurance allow me to see a private GP?

Depending on the health insurer you will either be given access to a private GP or can choose to add this as an option. Some insurers offer face to face appointments within a yearly limit and some offer digital GP access. Meaning you don’t even need to leave your home or office to attend, your consultation. 

What private GP services do the insurers offer?

  • Vitality offer online doctor appointments and video consultations as part as their core cover on all plans.
  • If you choose the extended cover option with AXA PPP, you will have access to Doctor@Hand which allows you to speak to a GP via video or phone. They will also cover up to £500 per policy year to visit a private GP for consultations.
  • The Exeter offer all members via their Healthwise app access to phone or video consultations with an experienced UK-based GP.
  • Freedom Health’s Elite policy offers an add on that will pay £300 per policy year to visit a private GP for consultations. 

If seeing a private GP is important to you, we suggest getting in touch so one of our experts can compare the best policies for you. 

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