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Not only do our advisors have many years experience in the industry, they are also IF7 accredited.

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The service we provide is completely FREE and you are under no obligation to act on the quotes we provide.

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We work with an award winning panel of insurers, which gives us access to competitive deals.

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Every year we will provide you with an annual review, to ensure you still have the most competitive price for your policy. Also, if you do need to claim throughout the year, we are only a phone call away to assist.

Health Insurance for over 50's

Finding affordable health insurance if your over 50 can start to become a challenge. Insurance companies start increasing premiums based on your age and because someone older is deemed as of having a higher risk of claiming. Thankfully at Healthcare Clarity our specialists are experts at tailoring your cover to meet your budget no matter your age.

Which Insurer is best for over 50's?

Some insurers like Saga have specialised in marketing to the over 50’s market. However, this does not mean other insurers do not offer tailored policies to those over 50 years old. In fact, in numerous cases our experienced advisors have saved our clients hundreds of pounds and up upgraded their cover, by removing the 4-week option their Saga policy had in place.

How to get the best cover

It’s important to remember that your health insurance should be tailored to suit your needs. With so many insurers in the market, it may seem like a daunting task obtaining a range of quotes yourself. However, by allowing our experienced specialists to help, you will get timely review and qualified advice, that can not only produce a significant saving but will also ensure you have the correct level of cover.  

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