Health Insurance for SME's

Many companies choose to offer their employees private health insurance to their much-valued workforce, as it allows them to have access faster diagnosis and treatment.

  • Minimise staff absence and boost productivity
  • Attractive benefit for recruiting staff
  • Reduces staff turnover, creating a more loyal workforce

Why you should consider having private medical insurance if you’re self employed

One of the major reasons so many self-employed people choose to take out health insurance, is to protect themselves against the increasing NHS waiting times. Health insurance allows you to get quicker treatment, which means a quicker recovery, so you’re back to work faster and reduces your loss of earnings.

I’m leaving my company scheme how do I continue my cover?

If you are leaving a company scheme then your current insurer will likely provide you with a quote for continuing cover. However, from our experience the quotes provided directly from the insurers for group leavers are unaffordable. In this case the best thing to do is get in contact with us and we will do a full market review, to ensure you are getting the right level of cover and a competitive premium.

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