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Private Health Insurance Specialists

At Healthcare Clarity we specialise in private health insurance. We understand how important it is to protect your health and as a specialist health insurance broker we are here to offer advice. 

Whether you are a first time buyer or are looking switch health insurers, our service allows you to compare the whole market to ensure you are getting the right cover levels at a great price. 


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What is Private Health Insurance?

Private medical insurance focuses on providing fast treatment for acute conditions.

Acute Conditions

Have a rapid onset but can typically be resolved within six months. Examples of acute conditions are a broken bone, heart attack or a stroke.

Chronic Conditions

Have a long-term impact and can rarely be cured. Examples of chronic conditions include Asthma, Diabetes and Parkinson disease.

People choose to put private health insurance in place for a number of reasons;

  • Helps to avoid waiting times through the NHS.
  • It can cover the cost of medical treatment or investigations you receive. This treatment will usually be undertaken at private healthcare facilities. It is worth noting private medical insurance doesn’t cover you for everything, its focus is to treat acute conditions not chronic ones.
  • It gives you the freedom to choose consultants and hospitals that come highly recommend.
  • In most cases it allows you to access private wards or private rooms allowing you to recover in peace.
  • Removes concern over NHS budgets for specialist drugs and treatments.

Health Insurance Broker

At Healthcare Clarity we are more than just a health insurance broker, we go beyond trying to save you time and money when comparing health insurance quotes. We spend the time to help you fully understand your options and help breakdown the areas that make up a policy.

Whether you are new to health insurance or have been insured for many years, we have put together a range of guides to help answer your questions. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to give us a call 01242 350071 .

Why speak to us?

Health Insurance Experts

We know the market inside out and we don't shy away from giving the right advice in any situation however difficult.

Qualified Advisors

Not only do our advisors have many years’ experience in the industry, they are also IF7 accredited.

No call centres

With a dedicated team of experts there is no need to worry about being passed from department to department.

Free service

The service we provide is completely FREE and you are under no obligation to act on the quotes we provide.

Award winning panel of insurers

We work with an award-winning panel of insurers, which gives us access to competitive deals.

Ongoing support

The team here at Healthcare Clarity are on hand all year round to offer support and assistance with any potential issue you come across. There is no limit on our time, it's client first now and always.

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